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Rotary Alumni 1210 Newsletter March 2017

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“Your connection to Rotary doesn’t end after your program; it’s just the beginning. You are instantly plugged into a global network of influencers, community and business leaders, people that have immense resources to help you create and foster change throughout your career. So many doors have been opened to me because I’m affiliated with Rotary.” — Andy Stoll, past Rotary Scholar.


Each year, thousands of people participate in Rotary’s programs. As alumni, you are a part of an extended network of people who share a common bond of improving lives in their communities and abroad and are valued members of the Rotary family.

Rotary alumni are individuals who have experienced Rotary through various programs, including:

  • Ambassadorial Scholars
  • Group Study Exchange team members and leaders
  • Recipients of Grants for Rotary Volunteers, Discovery Grants, Polio Plus Grants, Individual Grants, or Volunteer Service Grants
  • Grant for University Teachers recipients
  • Rotary World Peace Fellows
  • Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies

These former programme participants are automatically members upon completion of their scholarship/fellowship period, GSE trip abroad, or service term, respectively.

A Rotary Alumni Associations is a great way for alumnus to stay in touch with each other and to continue to build their relationships with Rotary and Rotarians. Our Association is affiliated with Rotary International District 1210. We are including alumnus from other countries and Rotary Districts.

The Association will continue to build upon its member profile and numbers, whilst it offers assistance to newly selected Rotary Foundation programme participants from Rotary District 1210. It aims to represent the views of members in respect of the Rotary Foundation Alumni Network and provide a link between Association members and Rotary.  We continue to perform service projects to support the mission of The Rotary Foundation.

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Rotary Alumni 1210 Newsletter March 2017

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Alumni 1210 Newsletter March 2016

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