The Rotary Foundation

The District 1210 Rotary Foundation committee pages are shown attached.

Foundation Forms 2023-24

In Future; The Rotary Foundation ‘Club Memorandum of Understanding’ will now accompany any grant application whether that be District/Global or Disaster Grants, one signed copy will be sufficient for the full Rotary year. (was normally signed in January each year) The District Grant application date will now be by the…

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Foundation Grant forms 2022-23

Please click the links below for the Foundation grant information for 2022-23 Rotary year:- D1210 MOU; Policies & Procedures; Rotary Grant terms & conditions, Grant application form. 1210 Memo of Understanding 2022-23 D1210 Policies Procedures 2022-23 Rotary_Grants_terms_conditions District grant application form 2022-23 District Grant report form 2022-23 22-23 DISTRICT-GRANT-INC-EXP-REPORT-FORM_-  

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