VSE Team for Finland 2019

If you Know someone who fits the requirements of the attached leaflet below

please ask them to contact Graham on vse@d1210.org  for an application form and to express their interest:- vse brochure 2019

The purpose of the Vocational Study Exchange is to allow young professional and business people to visit another country and involves living in Rotarians’ homes whilst enabling personal development and fulfilling all the aims of vocational and cultural study, having a particular emphasis on vocational activities.

To this end the Team Member is expected:

  • To do their utmost to fulfil those expectations during the exchange
  • To respect the traditions and laws of the country they visit
  • To be an Ambassador for the District Governor and the VSE committee

The Team Member will:


  1. attend such meetings, either individually or with other team members, as the Team Leader deems necessary to prepare for the visit to District …… {The number of meetings is likely to be about ……..)
  2. arrange medical treatment cover with a reputable insurance company and produce a copy of the schedule and evidence of payment of the premium to the team leader
  3. at an early stage produce a biography of about 150 words for inclusion in the Team brochure
  4. by way of rehearsal to give the presentation for the visit to two Rotary clubs in the District 


  1. accept the decisions of the Team Leader at all times
  2. remain with the group throughout the exchange programme, except during those periods when individual activities are specifically provided, unless excused by the team leader.
  3. inform the team leader of my whereabouts at all times
  4. conform strictly to the vocational and social programme provided by the host District
  5. maintain standards of behaviour that will reflect credit on Rotary in general, District 1210 in particular and the team Members profession
  6. refrain from engaging in dangerous activities during the exchange
  7. have sufficient funds to meet my personal and incidental expenses during the exchange


  1. attend a post-exchange de-briefing with the Team Leader and other members of the VSE committee
  2. within 1 month of the day of return to submit a written report to the VSE committee
  3. attend Rotary club meetings (with or without other team members) throughout District 1210 to give a short talk on the experience. There will be a maximum of ….. such meetings
  4. attend the District 1210 District Assembly to give a like talk.
  5. permit the VSE committee to use your name and photographs from the exchange for promotional purposes to further the VSE programme, including but not limited to D1210 publications, advertisements, Web sites and social media pages

Following the exchange team members will be eligible to become members of the District Alumni Association.

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