Disaster Aid: Working in Bohol Philippines

Rtn. John Steward Chair of Disaster Aid (UK&I) and a member of the Rotary Club of Poynton & District reports –

Disaster Aid Rapid Response Teams (DARTs) are on their way to Bohol Philippines to respond to the Earthquake of magnitude 7.2 which hit the area a few days ago. More than 350,000 people are left homeless and traumatised by the quake.

DAI has agreed to send 350 Sawyer Water filters to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. These filters will assist approx. 2,000 people and weighting a few ounces, are extremely light and can be carried by the families when they are repatriated. These units have a life of 3 years.

DAI also plans to return to S SUDAN at the end of Nov. (when the rainy season will be over), with the help of KUSH we will move the shelters to Abeyi.

Donations sought

Donations are still being sought and help for Water Filters for the Syria and Bohoy Earthquake. Any help Clubs and Members can offer will be appreciated. Contact John Steward at john.steward@me.com

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